AHNCC designed an Endorsement Program in 2000 to facilitate the advancement of holistic nursing, or the role of nurse coaching, through nursing education. AHNCC endorses university based academic undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, that have curriculum grounded in holistic nursing philosophy, theory, and concepts consistent with the AHNA Scope and Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice (AHNA, 2nd ed.). AHNCC’s intent and goal is to support and facilitate curriculum development that advances holistic, integrative nursing, and the role of nurse coaching, which is consistent with the current and future healthcare trends. Endorsement of these programs identifies universities that are producing nurses that will participate as transformational leaders in helping change the healthcare paradigm from one of illness and disease to health promotion, wellness, and well-being. Graduates of these programs are eligible for certification in holistic nursing after passing the NCLEX and obtaining their RN license. Schools wishing to have their curriculum reviewed by AHNCC may complete and submit a Holistic-based curriculum Endorsement application, or a Nurse Coach Endorsement application.

What is an Endorsed Program?

“There are several areas of educational challenge in the holistic arena… One urgent priority is the integration of holistic, relationship-centered philosophies and integrative modalities in to nursing curricula. Core content appropriate for both basic and advanced practice programs must be identified, and models for integration of both content and practical experience into existing curricula are necessary. An elective course is not sufficient to impart this knowledge to future practitioners of nursing.” (ANA/AHNA, 2013, p.40). Endorsed programs are at the forefront in developing core content for basic and advanced holistic nursing practice.

Become Endorsed

Benefits of Becoming Endorsed

  • Graduates are prepared to practice Holistic Nursing.
  • Graduates are eligible to sit for an AHNCC Holistic Nursing Certification examination upon successfully passing the NCLEX and/or graduating from the program,
  • Graduates are eligible for a waiver of the continuing education and post-graduation practice requirements if certified within two years.
  • Graduates pay a reduced application fee.
  • School is eligible to use the Endorsed School Seal for marketing endorsed programs. To use the seal, please download and send completed letter of agreement.

Consider Applying for Endorsement

Your school should apply for endorsement if:

  • The curriculum is consistent with the AHNA Core Values and prepares your graduates to practice within the AHNA Scope and Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice (AHNA, ANA, 2013),
  • Your faculty members are committed to the advancement of the Holistic paradigm in nursing education,
  • You wish to advertise your school as one that prepares Holistic Nurses, qualified to sit for the AHNCC Certification examination; and
  • You wish to have your school identified as a leader in holistic nursing education, preparing students to become change agents in health care reform.

To download the Holistic-based curriculum Endorsement Packet and Application click here.
To download the Nurse Coach Endorsement Packet and Application click here.

To view Foundations, Competencies, and Curricular Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education, click here.
At this time these guidelines are suggested, but not yet required.

(Endorsement is valid for a FIVE-YEAR period. Before the end of the five years, a reminder will be sent to re-apply.)

(NOTE: Any AHNCC Endorsement Application submitted for review after June 1, 2017 must be on the interactive application form dated August 31, 2016 or later.)

Payment may be done with PayPal. (Payment may also be sent by check to AHNCC, 811 Linden Loop, Cedar Park, TX 78613, but please notify us when emailing your application.)