AHNCC is excited to announce that we are moving to C-NET, a different testing management organization. We are pleased to offer new services to applicants at no additional cost. We will begin offering the Practice tests and national examinations through C-NET this spring. Details regarding the implementation date, when and how applications will be accepted, and when the examinations will be available, will be announced in early 2020.

Additional services to be offered to our applicants include:

  • year-round testing;
  • once approved, a three-month window for testing versus a two-week testing session;
  • immediate notification of examination results.
Please stay tuned to our website for more details

If you have already applied to sit for the examination your application process will not have to be started over and you will be able to sit in the spring of 2020 for your examination. Also, with our new company there will be no application deadlines so do not worry about meeting any deadlines in order to sit for an examination. This is one of the benefits candidates will enjoy with the new testing vendor.

If you have any questions or are interested in sitting for one of our examinations in 2020 please contact Talysha Hickerson at, or call 785-267-0943. We look forward to working with you and helping you however we can.
Have a nice day. 🙂

Dr. Margaret Erickson, CEO, AHNCC

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What is Certification?

Certification is the process that a non-governmental authority uses to grant recognition to an individual who has met specified qualifications and competencies in a defined area of practice. Based on predetermined standards of professional practice, a registered nurse validates her/his qualifications and specialized clinical knowledge for practice by seeking the credential conferred by such an authority.

Certification is a voluntary process and should not be confused with a legal professional license. The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) is responsible for the Certification Processes of Nurses who base their practice in the precepts of Holistic Nursing.

Why Become Certified?

  • Demonstrates a commitment to providing the best possible care for your clients
  • Facilitates a shift in the global healthcare paradigm from one of illness and disease to health, wellness and well-being
  • Shows that you hold yourself accountable to a higher standard
  • Validates competence and expertise in the holistic nursing specialty
  • Assures the public that competency standards and eligibility requirements have been met to earn a credential
  • Receives institutional and collegial recognition
  • Connects like-minded colleagues
  • Supports career advancement
  • Enhances credibility with consumers, employers, and other stakeholders
  • Facilitates lifelong learning for personal and professional growth

Articles Supporting Certification