The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation is responsible for the administration of all of its Certification Examinations including the Basic and Advanced examinations designed specifically for Holistic Nurses, and the Nurse Coach Role examination designed for all nurses. The AHNCC Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the validity, reliability, security, and integrity of the certification process. View our Current Endorsed Nursing Programs.

AHNCC Vision Statement

Transformation through Holistic Nursing

AHNCC Mission

The mission of AHNCC is to advance holistic, person-centered care that emphasizes clients as the experts of their own experience and nurses as instruments of healing by assuming full administrative authority and sole responsibility over credentialing programs based in the values, knowledge, and skills of Holistic Nursing.

AHNCC Purpose

To ensure that:

  • Nurses certified in the precepts of Holistic Nursing can demonstrate proficiency in the body of knowledge and related skills specific to the holistic paradigm.
  • The validity, reliability, security, and integrity of the AHNCC credentialing programs are maintained.