Curriculum Development Resources
Program Endorsement

The Foundations, Competencies, and Curricular Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education, First Edition, published October 15, 2017, provides:


  • A standardized model for curriculum development based in a philosophy, standards, and Core Values of Holistic Nursing;

  • Required essentials for Holistic Nursing Educational Programs, designed to build on AACN Essentials;

  • Outcome competencies expected of graduates from Holistic Nursing programs, basic and advanced.


Published by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation in concert with the American Holistic Nurses Association, this document is available for complimentary download through 2018. Edition 2 will include revisions based on input from colleagues and selected Tool Kits currently under development. We anticipate that Edition 2 will be available early spring 2019 for digital download and/or a hard copy for a minimal fee.

Download your complimentary copy here.