Continuing Competency is required to renew your Holistic Nursing or Nurse Coaching certification. There are different ways to demonstrate continuing competency. One way is through the acquisition of traditional CE hours. Another way is through different professional development activities. Below you will find information to help you meet the continuing competency requirement.

Possible Sources for Continuing Education in Holistic Nursing, Coaching or Health

Disclaimer: AHNCC does not endorse these courses nor is responsible for misinformation provided by these courses. Notification of upcoming courses is done as a service to our certificants.  Click on links below for more information.

Upcoming CE Opportunities

Disclaimer: AHNCC does not endorse these courses nor is responsible for misinformation provided by these courses. Notification of upcoming courses is done as a service to our certificants.  Click on links below for more information.

Sep 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 22, 29, 2019 Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm EDT – Zoom Teleconference – Coaching in the “Real” World:
Practical Applications for Your Work Setting

Sep 5-8, 2019 – Selma, IN – Retreat Holistic Nursing Certification Prep Course
Sep 18-20, 2019 – New York, NY – Clinical Meditation and Imagery
Oct 17-18, 2019 – San Francisco, CA – INTERNATIONAL CARITAS CONSORTIUM (ICC) – 2019
Oct 17-18, 2019 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Face of the Person Who is Homeless
Oct 19, 2019 – San Antonio, TX – Alamo Mind Body Wellness
Nov 1-3, 2019 – North Royalton, OH – The Trager ® Approach – Three Day Mentastics ® Class
Online – Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease
Dec 1, 2019 – Flier2020 Carol Carfang Nursing & Healthcare Ethics Conference Call for Abstracts deadline
Feb 26-28, 2020 – Clearwater Beach, FL – 2020 Carol Carfang Nursing & Healthcare Ethics Conference
Online – Maryland University of Integrative Health

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Alternative Options for Meeting Continuing Competency Requirements

Contact Hour Requirements:
The continuing competency criterion for renewal of your AHNCC certification is the equivalent of 100 contact hours in your specialty (i.e. holistic nursing or nurse coaching) and related disciplines. Contact hours must have been acquired from the date of your last certification to the date for renewal and submission of your recertification application. Continuing competency means that you have completed learning experiences that result in updating and expanding your knowledge, and skills in your specialty. Therefore, credit is given for appropriate continued education courses and alternative and equivalent activities such as publishing, presentations at conferences, and academic courses in your specialty. Specific information follows:

a. At least 20% of contact hours must directly address integrative holistic nursing, theories, theorists or major concepts such as spirituality, intention, holistic self-care, sacred space or presence that are relevant to your practice.
b. The remaining contact hours can be related to integrative holistic modalities, methods of practice, and studies that facilitate self-care, growth, and transformation within a holistic context. Medical focused courses will not be accepted unless you can explain how they relate to your practice. Courses that are considered basic nursing preparation and courses for lay people are not accepted.
c. The contact hours must be approved either by a licensing board, credentialed body, educational institution, or other qualified individual or organization.
d. Specific written documentation must be provided if audited.

Activity Description Documentation
Accredited contact hours Contact hours are earned though participation in accredited educational programs. These may be lectures, seminars, presentations, and online education, and journal activities that award CEs. For a conference with multiple sessions, each session must be identified individually.
60 minutes = 1 contact hour (CE)
Certificate of attendance or completion.
Academic courses Academic credit is completed through and accredited higher education institution. A grade of “C” or higher or a grade of “pass” in a pass/fail system must be achieved.
1 quarter credit = 10 contact hours
1 semester credit = 15 contact hours
Course transcript indicating successful completion
Employer in-services or other programs, courses, workshops not offering official CE credits. Presentation must be 60 minutes or longer.
60 minutes = 1 equivalent contact (EC). Specific in-service can be used only once in the five-year period.
Documentation of title, presenter, date offered, and signed by organizational designee.
Presentations This includes presentations related to integrative holistic nursing. The presentation must be at least one hour in length and include learning objectives and references. Each hour of presentation is equivalent to 1 EC.
Preparation time may be included with a maximum of 2 hours preparation time per hour of presentation. Presentation may be used only once during the certification period. A total of 30 EC may be used in the five-year period.
Written documentation of content and verification of presentation.
Poster Presentation Scholarly posters may be presented at conferences, educational settings, or health care facilities. A poster presentation is equal to 1 EC for the presentation and 2 EC for preparation. A specific poster may only be used once in the five-year period. Written documentation of content and verification of presentation
Curriculum Development This includes development of academic courses related to integrative holistic nursing.
1 course = 10 EC
30 EC may be used in the five-year period for curriculum development.
Course syllabus including course description and objectives with verification from academic institution
Publications Publications include journal articles, book chapters, and books.
Journal article in peer-reviewed publication, primary author = 20 EC;
other authors = 10 EC.
Article in non-peer-reviewed publication, primary author = 10 EC; other authors = 5 EC.
Book author, primary author = 20 EC; other authors= 10 EC.
Book chapter, primary author = 15 EC; other authors= 10 EC.
Written documentation of published material
Designing Educational Materials This includes developing professional educational handbooks or manuals used for patient or staff teaching related to holistic care = 15 EC.
Brochures or pamphlets = 10 EC.
Cover and table of contents for Handbook/Manual, copy of brochure or pamphlet, or electronic copy.
Research Projects For research projects, Master’s theses, Doctoral dissertations, and DNP Projects focused on integrative holistic nursing, the primary or secondary investigator shall submit the literature review and evidence of dissemination of original works through presentation of publication.
Master’s thesis = 50 EC
DNP Project = 75 EC
Doctoral dissertations = 100 EC
Research project = 100 EC
Transcript, published article, or presentation outline and proof of presentation.
Professional Committee Membership Committee activity is directly related to integrative holistic nursing.

Current membership in a national, state, or local integrative holistic nursing organization such as AHNA = 1 EC per year.

Leadership in a national integrative holistic organization, such as board member = 5 EC per year.

Active participation on a committee for a national integrative holistic organization = 4 EC per year.

Leadership in a state integrative holistic integrative organization such as AHNA state chapter = 4 EC.

Active participation on a committee for a state integrative holistic integrative organization = 3 EC per year.

Participation on a holistic committee within a healthcare institution = 5 EC per year.

Professional committee participation not to exceed 30 EC in the five-year period.

Item Writing Submission of test items for a holistic nursing or nurse coach exam as described in the Item-Writers Handbook.
1 item = 1 EC
A maximum of 20 CEs may be earned in the five-year period.
Items submitted to PTC.
Item Review Session or Examination Development Committee Participation in a panel that reviews test items.
One hour review session = 1 EC.
Verification of participation
Preceptor in Holistic Nursing Precepting other nurses in integrative holistic nursing. A minimum of 20 hours per year of preceptorship is required = 5 EC. Maximum hours acquired per five-year term = 20 EC. Documentation showing preceptor relationship and verification signature from colleague.
Integrative Holistic Nursing Projects Evidence-informed holistic system level change projects that enhance health of the staff or consumers = 50 EC. Literature review and summary of project.

How to Calculate Contact Hours
For the purposes of re-certification, one (1) hour of education time is equal to one contact hour equivalent. This is time spent in a lecture, seminar, or presentation. It does not include registration, introductions, and breaks.
For academic credit courses, one (1) quarter credit is equal to 10 contact hours. One (1) semester credit is equal to 15 contact hours.