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Certificant Responsibilities

1. Keep your contact information current with AHNCC;

  • Log into your record at www.ahncc.org (Login at the top of the page), or
  • Send changes to AdminAsst@ahncc.org;

2. Notify AHNCC of Last Name changes (send copy of official documentation to AdminAsst@ahncc.org);
3. Continue to be in good standing in nursing with an active, unrestricted RN license;
4. Be actively involved in Holistic Nursing or Nurse Coaching;
5. Completion of 100 contact hours of continuing education or professional development hours;
6. Apply for Recertification in a timely manner.

Renewal of the Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coach Certifications are due every 5 years. At this time certain requirements must be met for an individual to demonstrate continuing competency in their specialty area, in this case Holistic Nurse or Nurse Coaching. Continuing competency is demonstrated by meeting the standardized requirements which include: maintenance of an unrestricted RN license; active practice in your specialty area; and 100 CNEs or equivalent credits through other professional development activities such as presentations or publishing. Learn more about possible sources of CNEs or Professional Development Activities.

Why Become Recertified?

AHNCC has several options for individuals interested in renewing their credentials: active recertification, inactive status, retired status, and reactivation of expired certification.

You can view or download the Recertification Handbook here.
Specific questions about recertification can be directed to recertification@ahncc.org.

Certification is a professional pathway to validate your nursing specialty knowledge, competence, and expertise. With today’s healthcare focus on health promotion, wellness, and well-being your certification provides evidence and assures consumers, employers, and other key stakeholders that you are a leader in healthcare transformation. All AHNCC certification examinations are nationally accredited through the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) www.nursingcertification.org and are recognized by ANCC as Magnet approved for institutions seeking or reapplying for Magnet status and can be found in the ANCC DDCT at www.nursecredentialing.org/Magnet/Magnet-CertificationForms. Lead and support the shift in global healthcare to a paradigm of illness wellness, and well-being. Renew your credentials now.

When Do I Recertify?

Certification is valid for a period of 5 years from the date appearing on the certificate. Recertification is due on the fifth year, the last day of the month appearing on the certificate. AHNCC will notify Certificants approximately 6 months prior to their expiration date. Recertification documents are due 2 months or 60 days before the Certification Expiration Date to ensure time for processing. Certification is no longer active after the date stated on the certificate if the recertification process has not been completed. Credentials are not backdated. Inactive certificants cannot use certification credentials.

Options Links
Recertification of Credentials — You meet the eligibility requirements to re-certify and do not want to have a lapse in your certification. Download Application
Inactive — You are certified in holistic nursing and are temporarily unable to meet the requirements for recertification, but do not wish to forfeit the credential. Download Application
Retired Status — You are a certified nurse considering retirement or have recently retired and wish to continue to use the designation of certified but do not choose to or are unable to complete the recertification process.
Must be completed within one year of expiration of certification.
Download Application
Reactivation of Certification — Certification has expired. Able to meet all renewal requirements and pay reactivation fee to reactivate certification. Must be completed within 2 years of expiration of certification. Download Application

After you download the application, you can save it, or open it and save it. The application allows you to update the forms on your computer. When completed, you may send it to recertification@ahncc.org as an attachment, along with scans of other required documents. Payment may be done with PayPal. (A $3.25 non-refundable handling fee will be added. Payment may be sent by check to AHNCC, 811 Linden Loop, Cedar Park, TX 78613, but please notify us when emailing your application.)

PAY WITH PAYPAL – click here

Or, it can be printed and sent to AHNCC, 811 Linden Loop, Cedar Park, TX 78613, along with copies of other required documents and a check (or copy of a PayPal payment confirmation).

AHNCC Recertification Statistics — as of 1/18/2021

Year Eligible to Recertify #Recertified by Exam #Recertified by CE #Retired #Transcended
2016 175 108 5
2017 214 138 4 1
2018 387 3 255 17 2
2019 416 1 275 9 1
2020 490 3 285 20
2021 429 6 20 1