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 Barb Picciano
Barb Picciano didn’t begin her career as a nurse — she worked as a dental assistant and nursing assistant. However, she has an insatiable curiosity for all areas of health care and her journey continued in various roles at the Cleveland Clinic. Her wide range of experiences included work as a Pediatric ICU Nursing Assistant; Neurosurgery Staff Nurse; Quality and Accreditation Manager in the Rehab Institute; Coordinator first, then the Director of the Healing Services, in the Office of Patient Experience, and currently she is the Manager of Healing Services and Code Lavender, Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spiritual Care.
Picciano claims she approached her career without a particular direction but eventually ended up where her heart is offering holistic healing to staff, patients and their family members as needed. Early in her career she had a mentor who was practicing holistic nursing. Barb reports her mentor sought her out due to holistic activities she was offering on her days off. This mentee relationship helped Barbie to move forward and join the holistic nurse community. She eventually got certified through AHNCC and says knowing what she does now, she certainly would have been certified earlier in her career but the focus was on program development at first. The certification helped her to provide validation of her and her team’s practice to the large healthcare community watching the evolution of holistic care at the bedside.

During her journey she has been recognized as a respected leader with an extensive, well rounded set of skills in management, strategic planning, and program development with the successful record of building multiple teams. Barbie’s team participated in a pilot study where staff teams were able to bring holistic care to the bedside. This program was the first in the country to approach holistic healing as a partnership with the patient, healing services and spiritual team. As the program model was developed it expanded to include patients, their family members and caregiver staff. The inclusion of the staff members was a particularly driven factor in providing holistic care in acute care setting. The staff support factor is now a central focus of the entire enterprise and the team she works with are very in tune with ways to help.

This focus on staff support with holistic tools was the birth of Code Lavender: the holistic rapid response model that provides on-the-spot care in weaving of care into the workplace. The program has been well-received, and Barbie reports at times caregivers express immense gratitude for such overwhelming support. Code Lavender provides a much needed, appreciated and holistic model of care for caregivers in a timely manner to an emotional event. The Code Lavender program also exemplifies a partnership model with employee assistance and wellness departments in the enterprise.

With background in Healing Touch™, Reiki, HBLU, holistic coaching, holistic nursing and holistic stress management, Barbie also provides training enhancement for the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver teams such as classes in Non Pharmacologic Pain Management, Self-Care for the Caregiver, Interdisciplinary Holistic Care Education Program, and many more educational opportunities. Her passion is not only to provide a patient experience that addresses the whole person and their families, but to also support caregivers in their roles and workplace, and educate them about self-care, holistic practice and healing modalities. The programs and educational opportunities are also offered to all region hospitals in her system and the teambuilding continues throughout. Looking forward, she anticipates innovative models to enhance the team’s availability utilizing technology to enhance and reach team goals and the needs of those they serve.

If you want to learn more, Ms. Picciano provides consultation about Code Lavender. You may contact her at: or 216-444-5131.

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