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 Trauma-Free Nursing “I’m so grateful that AHNCC is supporting those of us who are AHNCC certified and who are using our education to further holistic nursing. I have created a new education program for nurses called Trauma-Free Nursing. A fresh, in-depth holistic approach to taking healthcare created trauma out of nursing practice”.
This dynamic program is based on cutting-edge neuroscience, advances in developmental trauma, and an evidence-based spiritual approach to change systems. We give nurses the tools they need to prevent trauma in themselves, in their patients…and in the healthcare system itself.

“A lot has changed for us nurses since those early days. We have made incredible inroads for holistic care in the healthcare system. But there is one area that desperately needs our attention…nurses who are traumatized on the job. That’s why I founded Trauma-Free Nursing”.

Please check out her website at and feel free to contact her with any questions.