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Introducing Ellen Schultz, Ph.D., RN, HTCP, AHN-BC® President, Board of Directors, AHNCCEllen Schultz lives and breathes everything holistic — from the way she eats, to her exercise routine to the way she lives her life. She is shown in the photo walking a labyrinth in her hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin. She holds certificates in Labyrinth Facilitation and Feng Shui and is truly at peace in all of her surroundings.

Ellen recently retired from Metropolitan State University teaching holistic nursing in the RB-BSN program and integrative care, nursing education, and nursing ethics in the graduate program. While there she learned about AHNCC through the school endorsement process. Dr. Mary Brekke was leading the effort to have Metropolitan State University’s nursing program endorsed as a holistic program. As a faculty member teaching holistic nursing, she participated in writing the application. As she learned more about AHNCC she began to understand the benefits of certification. She is currently certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing (AHN-BC®) and a Healing Touch Practitioner (HTCP).

When asked what certification means to her, Ellen stated: “Certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence in holistic nursing. Certified holistic nurses are part of a community of nurses who share a common goal to promote a paradigm change in health care that promotes health and well-being. It is through certification that nurses validate their expertise and competence. Certified nurses also support the leading edge work of AHNCC that goes beyond certification and endorsement. Committees and task forces are working independently and in collaboration with other national organizations to promote holism and the unique role of holistic nurses in changing health systems.”

Ellen began her service on the board in the role of president-elect. She is currently serving a second term as president. In addition, she chairs a number of committees including the Executive Committee, Exam Development Committee, Standards, Hearing and Review Committee, and Documents Review Committee. She is also a member of the Bylaws Committee, Nominating Committee, and the Website Task Force.

She feels that becoming a board member opened her eyes to the scope and complexities of work of AHNCC. Ellen stated that she ”now knows about the multiple steps involved in exam development to insure valid and reliable tests, the collaborative work with AHNA and other organizations necessary to be at the forefront of health care change, the importance of marketing to promote certification and endorsement, the multiple strategies employed to promote holism and well-being in nursing and coaching, and the multiple roles of the CEO, to name just a few.” AHNCC is indeed very blessed to have such a dedicated and loyal volunteer.