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Anna Rhodes Captain Rhodes, a new AHNCC board member, brings a wealth of nursing experience and an entirely new perspective to holistic nursing to the organization.

Anna lives in Iowa City, IA where she earned her BSN and a BA in music. Anna reports she has always been driven to the complementary and holistic philosophy of healthcare. While in college, one of her assignments was to shadow a local holistic nurse. Following that assignment, she was even more passionate about holistic nursing and the holistic philosophy of caring for a patient.

After spending ten years in the National Guard, including one deployment to Iraq as a medic; she was commissioned as an officer. For the past three years she has been on active duty as an ICU nurse and as a Nurse Case Manager in San Antonio, Texas. A major component of her job was to manage the transition for wounded, ill, and injured warriors to Veterans Administration care. Her role as an advocate for the injured and ill soldiers as it relates to the Global War on Terrorism continues today. Anna teaches resiliency training to the men and women soldiers and self-care to the healthcare providers. Captain Rhodes looks at nursing not only as a science, but also as an “art”. She practices nursing with a holistic philosophy, caring for clients’ bodies, minds, and spirits. This practice includes caring for others by listening authentically, offering presence, offering hope and optimism, setting mutual goals, and understanding the client’s world view and modeling it back to them. Because she is a soldier, Captain Rhodes can relate to warriors and veterans and may be perceived as a bit more credible through the connection as a sister-in-arms. Her mission is to make a real difference in their lives.

Anna continued to look for additional opportunities to expand her knowledge and enrolled in the Master’s program in Holistic Nursing, at Tennessee State University, where she recently completed her degree. In addition, she also joined the American Holistic Nurses Association and became a certified holistic nurse by the AHNCC. Rhodes was elected to the AHNCC Board of Directors in January 2016. In that role she will be instrumental as the board builds the relationship between AHNCC and NOVA (Nursing Organization of Veteran’s Affairs) nationally. NOVA’s mission, to educate, communicate, and advocate for the Department of Veterans Affairs Nurses professionally, personally, and legislatively is aligned with self-care, an essential core value foundational to Holistic Nursing. Through a partnership with NOVA, AHNCC can help nurses facilitate holistic health in our veterans’ while supporting self-care of the nurses providing the care. Anna is excited to mentor other nurses within the military and civilian sectors in holistic nursing.

Upon being released from active duty, Anna relocated back to Iowa City, where she is employed at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the Cardiovascular ICU. She continues her duties of Captain in the Army Reserves, with a possible promotion to Major in the future.

Join the Board as we offer a big salute to Captain Anna Rhodes for her dedication to the health of the many service men and women in her care. She is truly an inspiration.

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