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Nursing Theories: Moving Forward through Collaboration, Application, and Innovation, a conference held in Washington, D.C. Nov 14-15, 2019 brought together over 100 nurse theorists and professionals from across the United States to share, network, collaborate and discuss the importance of using nursing theory and nursing science to guide nursing practice.

Deborah Shields, President of the AHNCC Board of Directors, presented a poster; Ellen Schultz, AHNCC past-President and Director-at-Large, Helen Erickson Past -AHNCC President, and Margaret Erickson, CEO of AHNCC, as well as several certified holistic nurses and AHNA members presented and participated.

Dr. Margaret Erickson, CEO of AHNCC, had the opportunity to discuss the work that has been done on the Foundations, Competencies, and Curriculum Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education with the conference participants. Attendees were invited to read the document and provide feedback on the essentials which are being created to guide nursing education from 2020 to 2030. The request received a good response and interest in the work we have done to create curriculums that are seamless from the Baccalaureate to the Doctoral level and are grounded in Holistic Nursing and Holism.

Thank you to all our sponsors, presenters and attendees for being such an important part of the Nursing Theories: Moving Forward through Collaboration, Application, and Innovation 2019 Conference. Planning for next year’s conference is already underway.

Pictured left to right: Front row: Margaret Erickson, Mary Joseph, Deborah Shields Next row: Marci Maple, Carolyn Kinney, Helen Erickson, Ellen Schultz, Jalma Marcus, Amy Kennick Moore, Marlaine Smith, Rorry Zahourek