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Faculty interested in implementing the Foundations, Competencies, and Curriculum Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education, First Edition are offered online mentoring by experts in the work. Mentoring sessions are offered for up to four hours, as determined by the faculty and their mentor. Additional assistance is offered through onsite or online consultation. Mentoring sessions, provided by holistic nurse educators vetted by AHNCC, are complimentary.

Specific services offered by expert mentors include group or individual faculty discussions regarding:

  • The Curricular Guidelines as a framework for your curriculum;
  • Fit of Curricular Guidelines with the schools’ mission and purpose;
  • Courses and programs that are philosophically consistent with the foundations of Holistic Nursing;
  • The pros and cons of curriculum revisions, resources needed, benefits, and costs;
  • Resources needed for the next phase of curriculum revision/development;
  • Strategies to mobilize required resources;
  • Strategies to integrate holistic nursing philosophy and competencies into course content.

Sessions will be arranged through a mutually agreed upon contract between mentors and faculty. In preparation for the first mentorship session, faculty are encouraged to read Foundations, Competencies, and Curriculum Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education, First Edition, organize a cohort of faculty interested in adoption of the “work”, and must identify assistance they will need from a mentor, and set a minimum of one goal to be achieved by way of mentorship.

While AHNCC will vet mentors for faculty, AHNCC is not responsible for the processes used by the mentor, nor the outcomes of the mentoring relationship between the mentor and mentee. A $25.00 processing fee will be required to AHNCC cover management expenses.

AHNCC Curriculum Development Mentors have met the following criteria:

1. Expertise in the Curricular Guidelines
2. Doctoral Degree
3. Minimum of 3 years in the academic arena as faculty or curriculum administrator.
4. Academic experience equivalent to or higher than the proposed program of the mentee.

A list of available mentors/consultants can be found here.
A form to request a mentor or consultant can be found here.
If you are interested in becoming a Curriculum Development Mentor or Consultant, click here.