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On site and online consultation is offered for faculty who need assistance that extends beyond mentorship described previously. Consultation services, offered onsite or online, include exploration of issues related to the system as well as more specific curriculum considerations. Examples of such services are listed below:

  • Exploration of system facilitators and barriers for curriculum change (e.g. University mission/purpose; role of Nursing within the University; faculty support/resistance);
  • Strategies that facilitate system change (e.g. cost/benefit reports based on: Nursing’s social imperative; specific healthcare needs of the local community; needs of local healthcare agencies; Nursing school/department status within the University; Nursing school/department status within Nursing;
  • Faculty support/resistance for change and strategies that facilitate change;
  • Analysis of similarities and differences of current to proposed curriculum and changes needed to revise programs;
  • Curriculum planning/structuring that integrates proposed courses and College/University core required courses;
  • Course content that addresses Required Essentials for Holistic Nursing and meets AACN Esssentials;
  • Review and evaluation of drafted documents; and
  • Other related services mutually agreed upon by faculty and consultant.

Consultations will be arranged through a mutually agreed upon contract with your choice of available consultants . Consultation fees are as shown here:

1. AHNCC processing fee of $25.00
2. Consultant fees:

  • Travel expenses of consultant including lodging, stipend for meals, and transportation expenses;
  • $1000 for a 5-6 hour onsite visit (excludes social time included in visit such as luncheon, reception);
  • $200/hour for online consultations and/or reading/evaluation of drafted documents.

While AHNCC will vet consultants for faculty, AHNCC is not responsible for the processes used by the consultant, nor the outcomes of the relationship between the faculty and the consultant.

AHNCC Curriculum Development Consultants have met the following criteria:

1. Expertise in the Curricular Guidelines
2. Mentoring experience
3. Doctoral Degree
4. Minimum of 4 years in the academic arena as faculty or curriculum administrator.
5. Experience in curriculum development.
6. Academic experience equivalent to or higher than the proposed program related to the consultation.

A minimum of one online mentorship session is required prior to an online or onsite consultation to establish goals for the consultation.

A list of available mentors/consultants can be found here.
A form to request a mentor or consultant can be found here.
If you are interested in becoming a Curriculum Development Mentor or Consultant, click here.